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This is one of the most advanced module in GeroPro that talks to all the modules of GeroPro and provides both consolidated and granular view of facility operations from financial, clinical and management stand point. This module also gives the flexibility to set up customized reports apart from the already available standard reports and charts.

Compliance Manager

GeroPro compliance manager enables the Long Term care facilities to ensure survey compliance with built in tools for risk management, identifying unplanned discharges, quality assurance, conducting mock surveys and most importantly ensuring survey readiness at all times.


HRPro is an employee document management system which can be used to create and maintain employee hire profiles, upload certificates, vaccination, background checks. This can also be used to keep a record of employer's policies that are signed by the employees and all other employee related documents and records.


This module provides the ease of creating new user s, user id creation, password setup. This module can also be used to set up access restrictions by user to specific modules. This module also provide logs of user activity by day and this can be used to ensure there is no abnormal activity by any user.


Support is a module that can be used to raise support tickets with the GeroPro IT team in case of any technical issues or if any customization is required based on the needs. Admin users also can contact the support team in case there is anything an admin is not able to take care of from his end.
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