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GeroPro EHR

GeroPro EHR module contains the entire resident health record, which will includes the resident's demographic info, progress notes, assessments, the HEENT, social history, past medical history, current medical history, medications, vital signs, immunizations, and Labs.

Admission / Discharge / Transfer

This module helps in tracking resident geographical information, Admission / Discharge / Transfer info. This module also captures pre-admission / inquiry details.

MDS 3.0

This module allows users to assess the patient assessments (MDS Assessments) as per state / federal data specifications. This module also contains section wise validation & error-checks to prevent MDS rejections, RAPs guidelines for capturing the reasons for triggers, Care plan library, Reminders for submission of CMS Surveys 802 & 672.

Physician Orders

Digitized physician orders helps to track the resident diagnosis, allergies, dietary orders, Routine & PRN Medications and Therapies. This module also provides a wide variety of reports related to resident's diagnosis and an overall view by Resident and by facility. You can also use this module to perform analysis for LTCcentres where there are multiple facilities.


This modules helps set up Digitized Medical Records that captures resident's ADL (Assisted Daily Living), Vitals, Dietary, Nursing, Therapy Notes and etc. This can also be used in maintenance of resident's dose tracker for routine medication, PRN medication and insulin.


Using this module you can complete resident assessments like Abnormal Involuntary Movement Score, Assessment of Bowel and Bladder, Bladder re-training assessment, Bowel Retraining assessment, Fall Assessment, Norton Pressure Ulcer Scale, Nutrition Assessment, Pain Assessment, Flow sheet, Progress Notes, Social Assessments & Therapies etc...

24 Hours Incident Reporting

GeroPro's 24 hour incident reporting modules comes in very handy to ensure there is no non-compliance from survey point of view. This module helps track all incidents related to fall, fall prevention, the procedure to be followed after the incident has occurred and the precautions to be taken to avoid future incidents.


This module helps in maintaining records of Care Givers schedule, Care log on a timely basis. These reports are uploaded in to GeroPro and based on which the billing is processed and Care Givers payment is calculated.

Nurse Tracker

It is very essential to track the amount of time nurses have spent inn resident care. This module helps in time tracking of nurses with each patient and their complete work schedule. This is useful to ensure compliance around nurses performance and monitoring resident care in a better way

Clinical Document Manager

Even as the technology has evolved, many long term care centres still follow old paper formats. Using Clinical Document Manager, all old medical record documents which are of paper format can be scanned and uploaded for future reference and survey audits in digitized formats.


From the Physician Orders module the Routine medication and PRN medication is sent to Pharmacy module. Using the GeroPro Pharmacy module, the prescription order will be e-prescribed to pharmacy vendor electronically.
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